Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post 60.

My 60th post! I'm excited. Even if you aren't.

Today I bring my framed Doctor Who cross stitch from my last entry, and another bear. And a half. One and a half bears.

So, the framed piece:

Was a size 40x50cm frame (as far as I can remember haha) to give you some idea of the scale.
Tried first with a black and then a white border, but it just looked funny. So, I used the inset that came with the frame, backwards, which was just a cardboardy brown and it works so well! I love the colours together! Nice and mute. Sadly, not fantastic in my house because I go for the bright and colourful, so this just gets lost on my walls.. so I was thinking that I might sell it, and make myself another, on black....

Someone at the baby shower loved my first bear so much, they asked if they could buy one! So I made her this pale one, and then found this brilliant grey wool... so started bear 4. And bought some dark brown for bear 5. Haha.


Silvana said...

From another Doctor Who fan: that's awsome! Really! I want that graphic too!!

Well, good job, and congratulations!


rosey175 said...

The DW stitch is totally awesome in its frame! Poor half bear. Missing his head, LOL!

bikyclist said...

Thanks guys :D

Rachel said...

I love the DW stitch. DO you possibly have a pattern?

bikyclist said...

Just uploaded a copy of my pattern for this stitch to my Patterns Page. :)