Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Piggy and Me

Remember this model?

Here he is!! All finished, and hanging out on my trampoline.

And hanging out with me in my room, and for some reason my camera has chosen to photograph like we're out clubbing or something.

And here is me being 'artistic' with photoshop... haha.

And I'm trying out better ways to photograph my clay thingys, but apparently only the rabbit is photogenic. I'll coach the others through their issues, and see if I can't get some better pictures for later projects. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Discovered another love.

So, instead of finishing off all the little bits and pieces I've been meaning to, I took up another medium of craft.


I bought three colours of Sculpey III (Even after reading the kinda mean reviews about it not being that great; but also, it's all I could find at my local craft store) and played around with it - made my purple dragon, a few swirly buttons, a few really basic canes... Then I went and bought some more colours. And found the Fimo Soft brand at another store. I bought a convection oven from Kmart (for $39!) and now I've got SO MANY things that I want to make, in crochet (next up: dragons made with really nice wool and a 2.5 hook, or a crochet Companion Cube in fluffy kinda wool using a 8mm hook) and I want to learn to knit, and I have a few cross stitch things I really want to get back into doing, as well as playing with all my new clay.

I'm almost going to have to schedule these out. One week at a time. Or maybe a day at a time.

(Nail polish also makes a fantastic varnish :p )

PS: These photos are terrible - might take better ones when my camera is charged