Thursday, February 16, 2012

Discovered another love.

So, instead of finishing off all the little bits and pieces I've been meaning to, I took up another medium of craft.


I bought three colours of Sculpey III (Even after reading the kinda mean reviews about it not being that great; but also, it's all I could find at my local craft store) and played around with it - made my purple dragon, a few swirly buttons, a few really basic canes... Then I went and bought some more colours. And found the Fimo Soft brand at another store. I bought a convection oven from Kmart (for $39!) and now I've got SO MANY things that I want to make, in crochet (next up: dragons made with really nice wool and a 2.5 hook, or a crochet Companion Cube in fluffy kinda wool using a 8mm hook) and I want to learn to knit, and I have a few cross stitch things I really want to get back into doing, as well as playing with all my new clay.

I'm almost going to have to schedule these out. One week at a time. Or maybe a day at a time.

(Nail polish also makes a fantastic varnish :p )

PS: These photos are terrible - might take better ones when my camera is charged

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SilverMoon Dragon said...

Oooh, I have Sculpey, and also a bunch of things made with that baking soda air drying clay you cook on the stove - never did I think about varnishing them with nail polish! Genius!