Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project infodump!

I've been loving my crayon arts and crafts lately.
I adore playing with them.
This one is my favourite:

Materials: Crayola 24 packet of crayons, hot glue gun, canvas, a hairdryer and about 40 minutes of my time.

Materials: Cheap 64 box of crayons, hot glue gun, canvas board, twine and a bunch of $2 fake yellow flowers.

Below is the one I did tonight.
I discovered that the best way to get good drips without having to go between a candle/lighter and the canvas was to light the paper crayon cover on fire... not my smartest move because that gets hot, and crayons are mostly wax, and now I have the welts from a spitting crayon (cos I relit it after I doused it in water), and my house stills smells faintly of burnt crayon, but damn this was fun :)

It also contains my first attempt at pretty poor papercutting.
My knife wasn't nearly sharp enough to get good lines, nor did I plan it very well, but I think its damn cute. :)

I also bought these cushions at christmas, with the intention of making a crochet net cover, letting the pretty pattern show through, but I didn't find any I liked, so I knitted a big square with big wool and 12mm needles. I really like the texture of the wool over the satiny pillow cover, I think it works well.

Then I made these Turks Head Knot bracelets:

My sister gave me heaps of this nylon cord (about 2mm thick?) that she had no use for anymore, so I decided to use it.

I also made a lightbox to take better photos in.

I think it works pretty well if I say so myself. Even if I did manage to stain the bottom of the box with its first trial model (apparently Lego rubber wheels deteriorate and leave an oily residue on things once they age a little..) And whoever knew that white poster paper would be so damn hard to find? There must be a shortage in Geelong at least, cos I tried three stores before I found ANYTHING I could use.