Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post 60.

My 60th post! I'm excited. Even if you aren't.

Today I bring my framed Doctor Who cross stitch from my last entry, and another bear. And a half. One and a half bears.

So, the framed piece:

Was a size 40x50cm frame (as far as I can remember haha) to give you some idea of the scale.
Tried first with a black and then a white border, but it just looked funny. So, I used the inset that came with the frame, backwards, which was just a cardboardy brown and it works so well! I love the colours together! Nice and mute. Sadly, not fantastic in my house because I go for the bright and colourful, so this just gets lost on my walls.. so I was thinking that I might sell it, and make myself another, on black....

Someone at the baby shower loved my first bear so much, they asked if they could buy one! So I made her this pale one, and then found this brilliant grey wool... so started bear 4. And bought some dark brown for bear 5. Haha.