Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Bought this kit a long time ago. Decided it was time to stitch it!

I love this style. I think it is so entirely gorgeous. But, it's so not cross stitch. The whole thing was just back stitching and half stitches. And you had to stitch non-traditionally into the aida cloth. I almost couldn't, my OCD feelings really didn't like not stitching into the holes of the cloth... Having to make new holes in those perfectly aligned squares. Even to make this bit of pretty, I almost couldn't!

But she is finished, and oh so pretty. And sparkly!!

Her wings and the pompoms on her shoes are with awful-to-stitch-but-fantastic-looking metallic thread. Love this effect!!

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rosey175 said...

This is really a neat style. I love backstitching but I think I'd go a little crazy being forced not to stitch in the fabric holes!