Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tetris Magnets

Cross Stitched Tetris Magnets on Pink Whiteboard

I should really use my proper camera for these things, shouldn't I? Instead I use my iphone camera, because then I can just upload it straight to photobucket with the photobucket app... but enough on my laziness*; these are my first attempt at making something with plastic canvas! I used the perforated plastic 14 count stuff, cut it into shape first (which I am really bad at when it needs to be a specific size) then stitched. I know I'm missing one of the L shapes, I cut it so stupidly it would have had a section that was only three stitches across! After I wrapped the edges I glued a strip of magnet to the back using PVA to begin with, but yesterday I bought a hot glue gun(!!), so now I'm using that instead. It's much better, and even more fun than PVA.

close up of cross stitched tetris magnets

* So I did take new photos with my camera, and I found the cord and the usb card reader so its just as easy to use the camera now, and they look so much nicer, and will from now on. Mostly. :)

I was so excited to see that I got some spam mail the other day, because it had a HUGE fridge magnet in it, and magnets like that are perfect for chopping up into little crafty pieces. So imagine my excitement when I got another yesterday! Its currently soaking to get rid of the paper.

And because this makes me laugh when I look at it, my whiteboard:

I don't blame you

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