Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crochet Flannel Shirts?

Normally I don't do the whole progress updates, but I like this photo:

I may or may not have been making Dolly rock out to Bad Religion with me while I was latch-hooking on the hair... Dolly can headbang like no ones business, let me tell you.

Hopefully after I get my delivery of button eyes from ebay, I'll find a good pair to use and then I'll trim the fringe and give a little bit of an overall hair cut but until then, Dolly can play at being a rock god for a little while longer. Maybe I should make a guitar... Or a beer hat & a flannel shirt, and leave it as an air guitar, who else could say they have a handmade bogan crochet doll? Oh, the possibilities.

EDIT: OMG, I just realised Dolly needs a mullet to be a true bogan. And a little VB can. And a ute. And really be nick-named Dolza, Dollo or Shazza (don't want to discriminate).
ANOTHER EDIT: I got my buttons in the mail just now, and I found one that's perfect! Too bad its a singular button rather than a pair. :( But now I know what size and style of eyes I want to use, so that's a start!

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