Sunday, July 15, 2012

All the kids are having kids...

Well, not really, but two of my 30+ aged friends are having babies next month, so I've been making them baby gifts - and not that I need an excuse to make cute and fluffy things, I've enjoyed making said cute and fluffy things.

First up, I made this bear:

I found these balls of wool on sale at Lincraft for $2 (it's called Sullivans Shimmer Knitting Yarn) and just saw him in them.

I made up my pattern as I went along - and I tried to document what I was doing so I could replicate him (and or write up my first crochet pattern)but I got to the shoulders/neck and did some creative crocheting techniques (because fluffy wool hides all) - so I will have to make another and attempt to recreate what I did, in some easily explainable way.

He's super fluffy and soft.

I also figured out how to make him fluffier on the outside, because as a left hander (not sure about righties), I have such problems with it being fluffier on the inside from the way I crochet into the circle. But, I figured if I started a magic circle with thinner yarn (as you can see in the inside of his ears and the bottom of his feet) and then crochet in the opposite direction around the circle with the fluffy yarn I could get it with most of the fluff on the right side! His feet and ears you can obviously see the thinner yarn - but I also did it with his arms - just crocheted a magic circle with the thin wool and attached the fluffy yarn for the next level of the circle.

He's all in once piece too, except for his nose and ears, so he will be relatively kid-proof.

I started at the bottom with his legs, and like with making ami hearts, (good pattern for those here: Free Heart Pattern) you just join them together. The same goes for his arms.

Anyway, most of this would be much better photographed and explained through a pattern if I ever get there haha.

So far he is my one and only prototype, and at the speed I've been making things, he'll be off to Canada in a few weeks! I'll have to speed up. But crocheting baby blankets, even with a 10mm hook and DC still takes forever....

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