Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This was a triumph!

I'm making a note here, huge success.

I finally finished it! My very own companion cube.

All it took was about 14 skeins of chenille acrylic; 7 dark grey, 6 light grey and one pink, an 8mm crochet hook, a 15mm hook for the hearts, a whole heap of fiberfill and I've forgotten how much time.

I kinda used this pattern but changed it to suit my wool. But that is the basic idea of how I made it. Cos it's fluffy wool, it's very forgiving- you can't really do much detail work, so perfection isnt really an issue. Like on one of the small light grey triangles I was a row short, but you can't even guess which was the mistake once it was sewed together.

My huge chenille wool was fantastic for this project- meant that it was super quick to crochet each piece and keep the cube huge, my problem is that there were just so damn many pieces! Each face has like 28 individual crochet pieces that had to be sewn together. So that's 168 pieces in total, ish. It took a long time, and they, while quick to make, were pretty monotonous. Plus I'm easily distracted. :)

ETA: because I was so super excited to show off my finished companion cube, I used my iPhone cameras and editing tools, and we all know that they don't always turn out quite as nice as my actual cameras photo when taking crafty photos, so here are a few of my cube with the good camera :)


Christine @ Coffee and Craft said...

Congratulations, your companion cube looks absolutely awesome!! Looks like it was a lot of hard work, too =)

bikyclist said...

Haha, thanks! It just took forever, partially through sheer size but also because my cats ADORE this yarn, so I had to have a distraction ball ready to throw so they wouldn't attack the cube-in-progress.. I may have taunted them with it though sometimes just because it was funny. :)