Friday, November 19, 2010


Isn't he cute?! :)
I found him over on Ravelry, along with a ridiculous amount of other projects I want to make. Next I think I'm making a hat. Which is totally besides the point. Here's the Ravelry Pattern Link. To the octopus, not a hat. (Although, I really, REALLY want to make this hat for my boss for some reason: Shark Hat! Maybe his birthday in Jan. What 28yo fisherman with a good sense of humour wouldn't like that hat?)

When making this octopus, you have to remember that he needs 8 legs. And even if you know this, and think I'm a moron for pointing out that an OCTOpus has 8 legs, it's different when you have to make those eight legs. It's boring. And just as I get into the rounds I have to stop! So I guess I'm complaining that they are boring, but too short? Haha, I'm totally running on pure caffeine at this stage, its 6:10am and I've slept about 8 hours in the last three days, now. And for no reason, other than reading and crochet. Which are, always will be, and always have been totally valid reasons for losing sleep. :)

Aaand, back to octopus tips:
Just tack the legs into place so that when they aren't lined up properly, you can replace them easily.
This took me a few goes:

He's not perfect, but I'm not moving those legs again. I just couldn't get them any better! They're sewed on tight this time.

My lovely blue octopus has plastic hacky-sack-type beads in his body/head, and aquarium filter wool in his legs (I upgraded my aquarium filter and no longer need the excess wool... figured it may as well go to a good cause!) I put both of the types of stuffing materials into a cheap nylon stocking first to keep the beads in place, and so that the whiteness of the stuffing didn't show so clearly. I'll do it again next project too, it's useful, especially for the beads.

Used a 4.0 hook for this, and about half of a 50g ball of wool which had a recommended needle size of 5mm. And two plastic safety eyes.

Anyone know why they are called safety eyes?

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