Monday, September 6, 2010

Punch Needling

So I finally discovered punchneedling.
I'm totally a fan.

I was in Spotlight (yes, I go there often; it's a 5 minute drive from my house -- when the road isn't underwater, anyway) to buy Pluto colours for the Baby Pluto cross stitch I'm making my sister when I discover this kit on sale for $5: sorry this is the best link.

So I bought my little ginormous punchneedling needle too and sat on the couch and tried to figure out what all the fuss was about.
This might be as good as Age of Empires II as being something to do when feeling a bit bloodthirsty. Just putting it out there. Stab and repeat. But instead of destroying a civilisation you get a bit of pretty. So I guess you still win.

I'm not putting up a photo, cos if you click on the link above, surprise, surprise, mine looks exactly like that one. :)

Baby Pluto will be done in a day or so I think.

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