Thursday, September 2, 2010

Font sampler.

I was playing around with quotes I wanted to cross stitch, and I accidentally made these awesome patterns that didn't fit in a normal sized photo frame, and had heaps of off cut adia in that size that I wanted to use up, so I played around with some fonts, seeing which ones came out well cross stitched.

This got kinda wonky somehow, I was seriosuly careless with my counting. Bad bikyclist.
I love the font used for 'taken' but it uses so many stitches!


aylin said...

-Hi bikyclist! Fist of all I gotta say that I'm really happy that you've taken my comment serious and answered it in only one day.-
And that quote is awesome and meaningful. Blue is my favorite color and that pink is really cute. The font used for taken is great and actually I keep looking for that stuff that got "wanky" but I couldn't see anything. Maybe I need a pair of glasses or you are way too much perfectionist...

bikyclist said...

Haha, its wonky because after the first line it stops being centred! If you look at the 'Be yourself' line and compare it to the 'taken' line, 'taken' is so far off the middle!

And I love to answer comments! :)